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More Information from Civil Society Groups

US Letters on the TPP

8/28/12: 8 Members of Congress Call on USTR to Open Trade Talks
7/9/12: USTR Letters Notifying US Congress of Intention to Include Mexico in TPP Negotiations
6/26/12: Letter from Over 130 Members of the House of Representatives to the USTR Calling for More Transparency
6/26/12: Letter from Rep. Darrell Issa Asking USTR for Permission to Observe Negotiations
6/25/12: Letter from Senators Brown, Wyden, Merkley, and Menendez to USTR calling for increased transparency
10/19/11: Letter from Reps. Henry Waxman, Sander Levin, John Conyers, Jr., and Jim McDermott to USTR Ron Kirk
10/18/11: Letter from US public interest groups to USTR Ron Kirk
9/8/11: Letter from House of Representatives Members to USTR Ron Kirk
7/26/11: Letter from House Ways and Means Committee members to USTR Ron Kirk
7/13/11: Letter from House of Representatives Members to President Obama
5/17/11: Letter from Senate Finance Committee Members to President Obama
2/14/11: Letter from House of Representatives Members to President Obama
1/25/10: Letter from US public interest groups to President Obama

Other Countries’ Letters on the TPP

10/17/11: Letter from Malaysian civil society groups to TPP negotiators
10/14/11: Letter from New Zealand civil society groups to Prime Minister Rt. Hon. John Key
10/14/11: Letter from Peruvian civil society groups to Minister of International Trade José Luis Silva Martinot
10/13/11: Letter from Australian civil society groups to Minister for Trade Hon. Dr Craig Emerson

Civil Society Comments and Scholarly Analysis

9/10/12: InfoJustice, Copyright Exceptions in the TPP
9/8/12: InfoJustice, Letter from U.S. Academics on Limitations and Exceptions in the TPP [pdf]
9/7/12: Public Knowledge, Failing to Understand the Needs of the 21st Century: The TPP’s Inflexible Approach to Internet Transmissions
9/6/12: Public Knowledge, Failing to understand the needs of the 21st century: The TPP’s flawed digital locks scheme
9/6/12: Amnesty International, TPP Must Not Trade Away Free Speech and Health
9/6/12: EFF, Next Round of TPP Negotiations Begin Today: EFF Will Be There
9/5/12: EFF, Congress Members Demand USTR Tell the American People What’s Going on With the TPP and its Impact on Digital Freedom
9/5/12: OpenMedia, We made something for you
8/31/12: EFF, TPP Countdown: USTR Gives Us an Entire Two Minutes More to Present to Trade Negotiators
8/30/12: InfoJustice, UPDATE: After Negative Reaction to Eight-Minute Format, USTR Lengthens Stakeholder Presentations
8/30/12: OpenMedia, Momentum shifts in the push towards Internet freedom: update
8/30/12: EFF, Prominent Academics Respond to the TPP
8/29/12: EFF, TPP Countdown: USTR Whittles Away at Remaining Trace of Public Participation
8/28/12: EFF, Civil Society Groups Oppose US and Australia’s TPP Proposal on Exceptions and Limitations
8/27/12: EFF, Don’t Let Them Trade Away Our Internet Freedoms
8/24/12: Public Knowledge and Public Citizen, Intellectual Property in the TPP: How About a Little Balance?
8/24/12: EFF, TPP Creates Legal Incentives For ISPs To Police The Internet. What Is At Risk? Your Rights.
8/23/12: OpenMedia, Scaling up together to meet the threats to the open Internet
8/23/12: Derechos Digitales, TPP Remains: A Treaty With Little Reason and Many Threats
8/22/12: Council on Hemispheric Affairs, The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Free Trade At What Costs? – Analysis
8/21/12: EFF, What Is Wrong With the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
8/21/12: EFF, Japan’s Copyright Problems: National Policies, ACTA, and TPP in the Horizon
8/20/12: InfoJustice, Green Parties in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada Criticize IP Provisions in the TPP
8/17/12: Public Knowledge, Defining your rights to participate in culture: How the USTR’s attempts on limitations and exceptions are half hearted
8/13/12: KEI, ISP sources defend USTR proposals in TPP on copyright limitations: undermine opposition to USTR proposal
8/10/12: OpenMedia, Latest TPP leak suggests a wave of dissent amongst negotiating parties
8/8/12: InfoJustice, Australia’s Support of the U.S. TPP Proposal on Limitations and Exceptions to Copyright Is Criticized
8/8/12: EFF, All Nations Lose with TPP’s Expansion of Copyright Terms
8/3/12: EFF, New Leaked TPP Text Puts Fair Use at Risk
7/26/12: InfoJustice, Highlights from USTR’s Civil Society Briefing on the State of the TPP Negotiations
7/26/12: EFF, Temporary Copies: A TPP Provision Absurdly Disconnected from the Reality of the Modern Computer
7/15/12: OpenMedia, Dragged Before a Judge Just for Clicking on the Wrong Link?
7/13/12: Public Knowledge, TPP Recap: San Diego Negotiations
7/10/12: KEI, KEI notes on the 13th round of TPPA negotiations in San Diego, CA
7/10/12: EFF, Is the TPP—framed as a “21st century” agreement—the best way to build a 21st century society?
7/8/12: InfoJustice, Sampling of Commentary on Last Week’s USTR Announcement of TPP Provision on Limitations and Exceptions to Copyright
7/7/12: OpenMedia, Large petition against TPP’s Internet trap hand-delivered to negotiations in San Diego
7/5/12: Public Knowledge, EFF, KEI, Public Citizen Joint Statement of Civil Society Groups on U.S. TPP Copyright Proposal
7/3/12: KEI, Copyright Limitations and Exceptions: What does the secret TPPA text say?
7/3/12: InfoJustice, What Happened at the Stakeholder Forums and Briefing at the San Diego Round of TPP Negotiations?
7/3/12: InfoJustice, What’s at Stake in the San Diego Round of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
6/27/12: Public Knowledge, 130 Members of Congress Speak Out Against Secrecy in TPP Negotiations
6/27/12: Public Knowledge, What We Learn (and Don’t Learn) from the TPP Transparency Fact Sheet
6/27/12: OpenMedia, Secretive trade agreement could mean big fines for Canadian Internet users, says new coalition
6/26/12: KEI, KEI letter to USTR regarding TPPA copyright provisions
6/26/12: Michael Geist, Shell Game: Why Canada’s in Trans Pacific Partnership Talks
6/26/12: Public Citizen, Les Nouvelles de Bruxelles: The Changing Politics of the Knowledge Economy
6/20/12:, Signing the TPP agreement will lock down our Internet and shackle our democracy. What should we do?
6/20/12:, This Could Be Disastrous: Weekly Update from
6/5/12: Public Knowledge, Credit Where Credit Is Due: USTR Accommodates Stakeholder Presentations
5/30/12: Public Citizen, TPP Chiefs Raise Doubts about USTR’s Corporate IP Wish List
5/25/12: Public Citizen, “Heavy-handed” TPP tactics from US Trade Rep
5/23/12: EFF, Senator Wyden Demands Access to Text of Secret International Agreements Regulating the Internet
5/16/12: Public Knowledge, USTR Gone Rogue
5/14/12: Public Knowledge, TPP and a Very Basic Point About Transparency
5/14/12: EFF, TPP: Internet Freedom Activists Protest Secret Trade Agreement Being Negotiated This Week
5/14/12:, TPP: The secretive agreement that could criminalize your Internet use
5/13/12: Public Knowledge, TPP Deep Dive: The TPP’s Myopic Focus on Enforcement Will Cause Collateral Damage
5/12/12: InfoJustice, Observations from Stakeholder Tabling Session at Dallas TPP Round
5/12/12: Public Knowledge, Live from the Trenches Part 2: TPP Stakeholder Event
5/12/12: Public Knowledge, Copyright and the TPP: The Big Picture
5/11/12: InfoJustice, Intellectual Property, Innovation and Growth (presentation at TPP negotiation side event)
5/11/12: Public Knowledge, Live from the Trenches: TPP Negotiations in Dallas
5/11/12: Public Knowledge, TPP Deep Dive: Copyright and Digital Locks
5/10/12: InfoJustice, Chile Threatens to Pull out of TPP because of US IP demands
5/10/12: InfoJustice, Kirk Responds to TPP Transparency Demands
5/10/12: Public Knowledge, TPP Deep Dive: Skewing Lawsuits in Favor of Copyright Plaintiffs
5/9/12: 32 U.S. legal academics, Letter from 32 Legal Academics Urging Transparency and Participation in TPP Negotiations
5/9/12: Public Knowledge, Corporate Interests Using TPP to Protect Them From “Copycats”
5/7/12: Public Knowledge, Next Round of Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Begins Tomorrow
5/2/12: InfoJustice, Backgrounder for Reporters on #TPP and Trade: What do Countries Get from the US IP Chapter?
4/26/12: Public Knowledge, Why SOPA Supporters Need Secrecy in the Trans-Pacific Partnership
4/24/12: Public Citizen, “Next SOPA” Going Global?
4/16/12: InfoJustice, Chilean Trade Officials Question #TPP Benefits at Seminar in Santiago 
4/12/12: Public Citizen, Briefing Memo: Chile and the TPP: Access to Medicines Risks & Continued Bullying from USTR
4/11/12: EFF, TPP: Continuing to Nudge Toward Agreement
4/11/12: InfoJustice, TPP’s Effects on the IP Law of Canada and Mexico
4/10/12: Public Knowledge, TPP Transparency Problems Keep Getting Worse
4/5/12: Public Knowledge, Options for Public Participation in the TPP
4/5/12: InfoJustice, U.S. Decreases Stakeholder Process for TPP
3/30/12: Public Knowledge, The TPP and Policy Laundering
3/21/12: Public Knowledge, TPP Negotiations Reveal Chink in U.S.’s Armor
3/20/12: KEI, Wyden files legislative amendments to require transparency in TPPA and Congressional approval for ACTA 
3/13/12: AFL-CIO, Take a Real Look at the TPP FTA 
3/12/12: KEI, KEI Notes From the Eleventh Round of TPPA negotiations in Melbourne, Australia 
3/8/12: Public Knowledge, USTR Still Missing the Point
3/6/12: KEI, CCIA proposes alternative text for TPPA, but proposals do not address many problems in the text 
3/1/12: Jonathan Band, The SOPA-TPP Nexus
2/21/12: Public Knowledge, Shhhh. The TPP is Secret.
2/7/12: Public Knowledge, What’s Actually in the TPP?
2/2/12: EFF, Tell Congress: No Backroom Deals to Regulate the Internet 
2/12: Margot Kaminski, Positive Proposals for Treatment of Online Intermediaries
1/30/12: Public Knowledge, The TPP: Closed-Door Negotiations, Worse than ACTA, Lessons from SOPA/PIPA
12/6/11: InfoJustice, Public Interest Analysis of the US TPP Proposal for an IP Chapter
10/28/11: KEI, Notes on the 9th Round of Negotiations
9/18/11: KEI, Notes on the 8th Round of Negotiations
9/13/11: Public Knowledge, Was the TPP Stakeholder’s Forum Just Lip-Service?
6/23/11: Susan Sell, TRIPS Was Never Enough: Vertical Forum Shifting, FTAs, ACTA, and the TPP
6/19/11: KEI, Notes on the 7th Round of Negotiations
6/19/11: KEI, Right to Privacy in the TPP Negotiations
6/16/11: Public Citizen, Vietnam and the TPP
3/22/11: Public Knowledge, A Trade Agreement For The 21st Century
3/11/11: Public Knowledge, Proposed New Copyright Treaty Asks For Tougher Terms Than ACTA
1/4/11: Public Knowledge, ACTA the Sequel: The Transpacific Partnership Agreement
12/13/10: KEI, US Industry IP Memo for the TPP Negotiations Leaked
1/25/10: Public Citizen, Comments Concerning the Proposed TPPA

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