TPP Timeline

TPP Timeline


  1. I believe this impacts peoples lives, and so it should be the combined populations of each and every country embarking on any agreement to vote for or against it’s salient points. The people should have the final say…which is why when i vote for Hillary Clinton, that’s exactly what I’m doing exercising my right as a global citizen to vote for any leader anywhere in the world..only then can we have what is truly one planet one people policies!…thanks but no thanks to this sort of closed networking, we need complete transparency from those who elicit it from us as if it’s their right to know what every one of us is doing and the same doesn’t apply to you?..Please wake up before you have your own springs to deal with.

    • If the “legitimate” goal of this agreement is to increase US exports, we have terrible negotiators. I’m pretty sure we can figure out an agreement that doesn’t involve laws against civilians. I can’t figure out how banning gmo labels impedes export, or banning generic drugs for that matter. And im pretty sure regulations on derivatives has nothing to do with shipping some chevy’s to vietnam. In fact, generic drugs would be a lot more plausible for export than name brand. What we have here is gov corruption at it’s finest. And how could this “agreement” be marked as classified? Citizens knowing what you agree on, in regards to us exports, is a security risk? Why is no one in trouble for this?

  2. Fascism. As practiced by self interest corps.

  3. Charlie Mang says:

    So, it seems the Bilderberg Group strikes again!

  4. So where is the August 2012 leaked “draft US text on IP” to be seen?? If leak is subtantiated as “real,” it should be posted!
    –=> Or is this just talk?

  5. In New Zealand, our Trade Minister (Tim Groser) is adamant that NZ will be signing this agreement, but then admits that neither he nor the rest of the Cabinet Ministers have seen the terms! Who is pulling the strings?

  6. Great timeline. Nicley done.

  7. The formatting is odd for me (mac book/google chrome browser). Almost every line is but off by the gray boarder and maximizing the page doesn’t allow me to see it all…😦

  8. At this time, it seems that the timeline has not been updated for 2013, but apparently there’s been activity this year about the TPP[1]



  1. […] nations to keep drug costs artificially high, thereby enriching the profits of Big Pharma. The TPP Timeline reveals that PhRMA, the lobby group representing the top drug companies and vaccine manufacturers, […]

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